Hyunjoo Choi


Solo Exhibition
2011 Garden of Imagination, gallery Jireh, Heyri
2009 Garden in dream, gallery  ssamzie, seoul
2008 Dream on the table , gallery dam, seoul

Selected Exhibition
2011 The ckooking  (gallery Jazzy M.A.S, seoul)
      1F  (gallery Artuser, seoul)
      Fairy tales in the spring days(Jeju Museum of Art, jeju)
2010 Unique & Useful( interalia Art Company, seoul)
      Happy of everyday_Vitamin ( Alvaro Siza Hall, Anyang City)
      Art +Idea (Dacheongho art Museum, cheong won)
      Flower (gallery Art'n Dream, seoul)
      Neo Sense ( Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, seoul)
2009 Wonderful Pictures (ilmin Museum of Art, seoul)
      Double Act: 01 (Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, seoul)
      New Flower & Bird (interalia Art Company, seoul)
      Secret Garden (MOON gallery, Hong Kong)
2008 Come to flower (Yi hyung Art center, seoul)
      SICAF ( Coex, seoul)
2007 Ecole des-Seug San ( Art factory, Heyri)