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Art Contest at Gallery Jireh


 Gallery Jireh opens an 'Art Contest of Gallery Jireh' for Artists who want to join us in futuristic vision and enthusiasm together. This Gallery, located at Heyri Art Village, supports potential artists to lead Korean Art Culture into Global and helps artists to evolve and represent their creative and various art works to public. Welcoming you to have this opportunity, so please come and enlist!


■ Introduction


*Submission Deadline: -


  1. Medium: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, digital art, films, and any genres of Fine Art.

  2. Criterion: National/ International artists

  3. Judges: Director/ Curator of Gallery

  4. Notification: TBA

  5. Evaluations:

-1st evaluation: Curator evaluates through Portfolio* digitally or traditionally (prints).

-2nd evaluation: Artists require Individual interviews.

(A Special Artist chosen by Director have opportunity to hold an SOLO exhibition.)



* Portfolio must include profile, art pieces (at least 10), and descriptions.



■ Application


1) Online Application: through online storage

■ Contacts

Address: Gallery Jireh/ 48-12 Heyrimaeul-gil, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggido, 10859, Rep. of Korea

Tell. 031 941 4115


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