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김문수 KIM Moonsoo



Sole Exhibition


2016 "WhiteScape" Gallery jireh

2016 "The Dream of the Earth" Gallery illum

2015 "The Dream of the Earth" Mainly Photograph's Gallery Ryugaheon

2014 "The Spring of the Earth" A-One Photo Gallery



Group Exhibition


2015 "Share one's Joy" Gyeyang Art Gallery

2015 "Out of America" Fover Gallery, ACROS Fukuoka, Japan

2015 “Pattern" Gallery Illum

2014 "One Photo" Gyeyang Art Galley

2014 "Dream" Gyeyang Art Galley

2013 "Free Photo" Gyeyang Art Galley

2012 "Gyeyang" Gyeyang Art Galllery



Photograph Collection


2015 "The Dream of the Earth"

화이트스케이프02 현

화이트스케이프02 현



유빙 01

유빙 01

유빙 04[03-1]

유빙 04[03-1]

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